Paul Lieto

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Paul Lieto is the Editor for RaceCenter Magazine. He currently lives in Bend, OR where he writes, runs trails and rides dirt.

Run for the Beer

Enjoy fantastic scenery, beer and camaraderie in Bend, OR this summer at the Bend Beer Chase.

The Super Fast Half and Marathon are Just That

The Super Fast Half, held Saturday, June 29 claims to be one of the fastest half marathon courses in the country while the Super Marathon, held Sunday, June 30 is a Boston qualifier course with a qualifying rate of over 34 percent.

Why They Run

I asked a handful of elite runners in the Pacific Northwest why they run. In doing so, I discovered that while I may not intentionally seek out a connection with others through running, the sport may have its own agenda.

Run Wild with Friends

Labeled one of the most unique and scenic wilderness relay courses in the United States, the Wild Rogue Relay has runners tracing the wild Rogue River through the Cascade Mountains to the Oregon coast.