Matt training for gravel racing

Training for Gravel Racing, Plus Spotlight On 4 Gravel Cycling Events

Matt Lieto shares 3 tips on training for gravel racing and several gear choices for your gravel bike setup.

The Super Fast Half and Marathon are Just That

The Super Fast Half, held Saturday, June 17 claims to be one of the fastest half marathon courses in the country while the Super Marathon, held the same day, is a Boston Marathon qualifier course.

Mizuno and ROXY Release ‘WAVE RIDER 26 ROXY’ Running Shoes

Mizuno will be releasing the “WAVE RIDER 26 ROXY,” the brand’s first collaborative running shoe with ROXY, a brand for women who love beach culture and active lifestyles.
best marathons for newbies list

The 5 Best Marathons for Newbies

Check out our best marathons for newbies list in the Pacific Northwest.
Hop Hop Half

Hop Over to Camas for the Hop Hop Half, 10K and 5K

This favorite Easter-themed run/walk will now take you along the banks of beautiful Lacamas Lake in Camas, Washington.

Golden Trail Chasing Dream Season 2

With some of the best production value I’ve seen from running media…
Mammoth Trail Fest

Tackle Mammoth Trail Fest For The Jaw-dropping Views

The Mammoth Trail Fest entered the ultra trail running scene last year with a 26K, 50K, and Hill Climb.
periodization training

Periodization Training And Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes

It is critical to plan your off season periodization training so you can take advantage of your peak performance at the time when you need it the most.
Marys Peak Ultra

Tackle Mary’s Peak Ultra This Spring

Looking for a late Spring trail ultra to add to the calendar? Nestled in the Heart of the Willamette Valley sits the highest peak in the Oregon Coast Range…

Walmsley Episode 3 Dropped

Wahoo Fitness released another episode of Walmsley. The journey is the destination……