Matt training for gravel racing

Training for Gravel Racing, Plus Spotlight On 4 Gravel Cycling Events

Matt Lieto shares 3 tips on training for gravel racing and several gear choices for your gravel bike setup.
best marathons for newbies list

The 5 Best Marathons for Newbies

Check out our best marathons for newbies list in the Pacific Northwest.
Max conquering his races.

Conquer The Task of Planning Your Race Calendar

In this article, Max King will take you through the steps of planning your race calendar.
Reflect on the offseason

Using the Off-Season as a Time to Rest, Reflect and Refocus

Endurance athletes are stubborn. And if you told them so, they’d most likely take it as a compliment. If you asked them to take a little break from training, they’d take it as an insult.

Weekend Getaway: Moses Lake, Washington

Smack in the middle of the state of Washington is a little oasis known as Moses Lake. Located between Seattle (175 miles) and Spokane (105 miles) on I-90, the almost 19-square mile city of Moses Lake is a great weekend getaway because of the lake, dry weather and flat terrain.
vacation races on the west coast

5 Memorable Half Marathon Vacation Races

Keeping a few weekends open for a road trip and vacation races might be worth it with these half marathons.

Balancing Act: Managing Family Life and Training

My oldest son was born just three weeks after the 2002 Western…

Race for the Winter Sun

When the temperatures start to drop, the rain starts to fall and snow begins to dust the mountains and trails in the Pacific Northwest.

Weekend Getaway: A Taste of Bavaria… Washington Style

How does a weekend trip to Bavaria, the Free State south of Germany, sound? Well, realistically, it might be easier to settle for a weekend car ride to Leavenworth.

Why They Run

I asked a handful of elite runners in the Pacific Northwest why they run. In doing so, I discovered that while I may not intentionally seek out a connection with others through running, the sport may have its own agenda.