Forced Rest for Better Performance: When Injuries Are a Blessing in Disguise

Here we are — nearing the end of a long summer of training. You probably have some prep races under your belt for your key event; your big race is on the horizon.

Getting the Most Out of Your Training: Creativity and Flexibility

“Doing more with less” should be a motto of us hearty Northwest endurance athletes. I asked four of the busiest (and most dedicated) people I know how they balance family (kids), work (full time and then some), and high-level running.

Marathon Training: Balancing Trail and Road

In training for a marathon, much of your goal is just to get your mileage up so that the distance isn’t as daunting.

Learning With Age: How to Maintain Fitness Past Your Peak and Beyond

Several of the best masters runners from the mile to the 100K distance live in the Northwest. Lucky for us, they were willing to share some of their secrets.

Fastpacking the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon

I took up fastpacking a few years ago as a way to meld my running fitness with a desire to be in the wilderness for longer periods of time.

Fifteen-year-old Tatum Hagen Completes 100 Miles to Auburn

Fifteen-year-old Tatum Hagen from Wilsonville, OR, recently completed the 100 Miles to Auburn virtual event. She covered the distance in a combined time of 26:08:34 over a two-day period.

Efficient Workouts for the Time-Crunched

We’ve all been there, that race on the horizon that we signed up for 9 months ago looms and there’s just not enough time in the day to fit in all the training we want or feel like we need to do in order to be ready for it.

7 Tips to Develop Habits for the Long Run

How can we succeed in the coming year with our intentions, objectives, and specific endeavors? Better yet, how can we make changes that will improve our lives over the long term?

Recovery and Longevity Strategies for Masters Athletes

In my 20 years of running in wild places, I’ve encountered countless gorgeous, wild rivers but none of those made me younger by dipping my water filter in the cold mountain waters. I have, however, found a few strategies that have helped me continue to excel in ultramarathons and remain competitive with folks half my age.
Yoga for athletes

A Little Yoga for Big Benefits

I know, it feels like a chore, it feels silly, it feels awkward and kinda pointless. You’re not spiritual, you’re not flexible, you’re not a hippy.