Learning To Walk Again

It was a cold Saturday morning in January. Despite the air temperature being only 9 degrees, the sun was shining bright in the cloudless sky.

Post Race Blues

I’ve talked to a number of runners that have found running to be a good substitute for a previous drug addiction.

Epic Adventurers

On Christof Teuscher’s blog, you can find a list of his “Selected Epic Failures.”  Teuscher does not hide this list.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Why Haven’t You Tried It?

If you do a little internet research into the origins of the hottest new sport of the last decade – yes, that would be stand up paddle boarding – you’ll soon discover a video from 1939.

Fidget, Distract, Focus, Repeat

I’m staring at a blank white screen, watching a blue cursor blink…

Youth Running: Is It Really Bad for Your Kids to Run?

I’ve been involved with coaching youth runners now for the better part…

Let’s Revisit New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: This year I’m going to do a 5K. This…

Treating the Big 5 Running Injuries

Is your body plagued with bumps, bruises, aches and pains? Overuse injuries are common for runners. There are many factors that lead to injuries.

The Best Athlete in the World

The best athlete in the world is the individual who seeks to progress by setting and achieving challenging but attainable goals, serves others, and measures ultimate success in sport by their happiness.