Pacific Northwest Features

Learning To Walk Again

It was a cold Saturday morning in January. Despite the air temperature being only 9 degrees, the sun was shining bright in the cloudless sky.

Post Race Blues

I’ve talked to a number of runners that have found running to be a good substitute for a previous drug addiction.

Fidget, Distract, Focus, Repeat

I’m staring at a blank white screen, watching a blue cursor blink on, then off. Interestingly it follows my heart rate, or my heart beat has fallen instep to the cadence of this blue vertical line:  56 beats-per-second. I know…

Let’s Revisit New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: This year I’m going to do a 5K. This year I’m going to break 18 minutes for the 5K. This year I’m going to get in the pool and do a triathlon. This year I’m going to…

The Best Athlete in the World

The best athlete in the world is the individual who seeks to progress by setting and achieving challenging but attainable goals, serves others, and measures ultimate success in sport by their happiness.