Run Through the Legendary Tillamook Burn

The mountainous Tillamook Rainforest in Northwestern Oregon is steeped in history, most notably, the legendary “Tillamook Burn” forest fires that consumed 355,000 acres of colossal old growth forest from 1933-1951. One of the largest tree replanting campaigns in human history led to the formation of the Tillamook State Forest in 1974, which is home to the Tillamook Burn Trail Run.

The Tillamook Burn event offers two distances for ultrarunners to enjoy the lush and rugged Tillamook State Forest; beautiful and challenging 50 Mile and 50K courses. Both races start and finish at historic Reehers Camp in Timber, OR. Prepare yourself for rumbling waterfalls, brisk stream crossings and a million shades of green, as brilliant spring foliage, fiddleheads, and blossoms line every inch of this course.

Run / 09.12.2020 /

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