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Why I Run

At one time or another, most running publications address the question, “why we run.”

The Making Of A Race Director

So you had a rare, bad race experience:  you took a wrong turn late in a 5K, and by the time you got to the finish line, the post-race food was down to leftover pretzel salt and sliced white bread,…

The Rise and Fall… and Rise of Obstacle

Over the past five years the sport of obstacle racing has gone from birth, to unrivaled growth, to a steady decline in participation. That is to say, obstacle racing has seen rapid change each and every year it’s been in…

Every Race is a Puzzle

Every race is a puzzle. You throw all the pieces out on the table and see if you can put them together in the correct spots to make something awesome.

Running Scared

Fear keeps us planted. Fear keeps us is constant motion. It is both quicksand and the burning coals beneath our feet.