Why They Run

I asked a handful of elite runners in the Pacific Northwest why they run. In doing so, I discovered that while I may not intentionally seek out a connection with others through running, the sport may have its own agenda.

7 Tips to Develop Habits for the Long Run

How can we succeed in the coming year with our intentions, objectives, and specific endeavors? Better yet, how can we make changes that will improve our lives over the long term?

How to Tackle the Role of Running Domestique

It’s grey, cold, and dumping buckets outside. I’ve been in a car for six hours listening to the strum thwack of wipers, squinting to determine if I’m staying between the striped lines, and white-knuckling the steering wheel driving to Marin, CA.

Craft a Year Full of Adventure and New Challenges

I believe I am meant to run through mountains, ride across desert dirt roads, immerse myself in the sea, explore less traveled paths, and actively engage in Nature. While on that journey maybe I can put a few sentences together that move others to pursue something similar…

The Importance Of Accountability For Success

It has taken years for my stubborn mentality to recognize the following:…

Traveling for Trails

I’m currently sitting in a dark, though not seedy, bar on Broadway…

Why We Should Run

Running makes us better. I was tempted to write nothing further. A simple sentence sums up why we should run.

Why We Run – For the Love of Gear

In the last two issues I explored the intrinsic factors that drive…

Why I Run

At one time or another, most running publications address the question, “why we run.”

Running Scared

Fear keeps us planted. Fear keeps us is constant motion. It is both quicksand and the burning coals beneath our feet.