2016 News & Features

Every Race is a Puzzle

October 12, 2016

  Every race is a puzzle. You throw all the pieces out on the table and see if you can put them together in the correct spots to make something awesome. With a puzzle, you will come out with a beautiful work of art, or in my household, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. When you fit together all the pieces that go into a race, you come out with a beautiful performance that some might …more »

10th Anniversary Girlfriends Run for a Cure – Details & Road Closures

October 7, 2016

What do the following have in common? • 50 guys running in Pink Tutus, Pink Fishnet Stockings & Pink Fake Eyelashes • A few thousand girlfriends dressed in PINK • Fireman, Chocolate, Cupcakes, Savory Treats, Mimosas, Massage & Brunch • 100 kids sprinting to the finish line Each is a part of the October 16th 10th Anniversary Girlfriends Run for a Cure to raise funds for Komen for a Cure, Pink Lemonade Project and Children’s …more »

Running Scared

October 4, 2016

Fear keeps us planted. Fear keeps us is constant motion. It is both quicksand and the burning coals beneath our feet. We fear the possibility of failure, incertitude of change, and discomfort of pain. While a healthy dose of it is good, especially when in the presence of real danger, it is quite possible we’ve been oversaturated with fear. This has dulled our ability to distinguish between that which is necessary and that which is …more »

Bend Ale Run Half Marathon Announced

October 3, 2016

  Breakaway Promotions is excited to announce a brand new half marathon this year. If you enjoyed our Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon and Columbia Gorge Half Marathon then the Bend Ale Run Half Marathon will be to your liking.  Same great service, same great food, and same great pricing! We are offering up a fabulous Central Oregon experience including: * Beautiful courses with view of the Cascades * Super cool finishers medal * Fabulous hot food …more »

RaceCenter Northwest Magazine – October-December 2016 Issue Now Available

September 27, 2016

The current (October-December 2016) issue of RaceCenter Northwest Magazine is now available.  This issue following features and departments along with hundreds of Northwest events listed inside. Visit your local specialty running store, triathlon shop or bike shop to pick up a copy, or find RaceCenter at select Jamba Juice locations throughout Oregon and Washington. RaceCenter Northwest Magazine is also available DIGITALLY compliments of the EUGENE MARATHON — Click here to check out the current issue …more »

Maintaining a Lifetime of Runner’s Highs

September 26, 2016

A runner’s worst nightmare is to be told by his or her doctor “no more running.” There is good news though, for those of us whose drug of choice results in a “runner’s high.” We can extend our running life and maybe even be pain free most of the time with a simple activity called cross training. As runners, we often think we need to simply run to stay in shape or get faster. Over …more »

Fuel: Eat Real Food

September 19, 2016

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. —Michael Pollan For simple, honest food rules to live by, Michael Pollan says it best. We used to eat real food. Many years ago, if our ancestors wanted food they would have to hunt, gather, or grow their foods. Food grew out of or walked on the ground, and wasn’t found in a factory before being wrapped up in a colorful package. It was found in its natural …more »

A Streak By Any Other Name

September 9, 2016

It seems genuinely human to observe superstar athletes with a touch of reverence.  We enjoy gazing upward at those more talented, simultaneously in awe and envy.  It’s slightly different on the endurance sports side of the world, especially with runners.  We love to celebrate the more experienced – those that are more willing to endure pain – maybe not the toughest, but surely the most stubborn. As such, is there a higher pedestal than that …more »

Learning To Walk Again

August 24, 2016

Learning to walk again, or, listening to your heart over your mind. It was a cold Saturday morning in January. Despite the air temperature being only 9 degrees, the sun was shining bright in the cloudless sky. I reluctantly put on my running tights, a base layer, wind breaker, and laced up my trail shoes all the while thinking the modern day warrior’s uniform leaves something to be desired. Climbing into my van I flipped …more »

Trail Running for City Slickers

August 17, 2016

There is nothing I despise more than city slicker runs. Pavement — my personal run of last resort. I relocated to Bend nearly two decades ago for a reason — the abundance of dirt. In my world, running trails is where it’s at. I love the mountains and all things dirt. Let’s face it though, sometimes business travel, family commitments, and careers don’t allow us to live in a locale that has tons of trail …more »