4 Reasons to Spend Your 4th of July in Molalla

1) The Freedom 5K

The Freedom 5K is a 3.1 mile race that winds its way through historic downtown Molalla on the parade route just before the parade starts on the 4th of July.  The street are line with crowds to cheer you on and keep you motivated throughout the race.  The race is very friendly for the whole family to participant; and everyone under 18 gets a medal for participating.  Family discounts give participants $5 off per person with a family of 3 or more, and with the full price of the race costing only $26 plus registration fees in advance that is a hard price to beat.  Showers are available directly after the race.


2) The Giant Street Parade

Upon completion of the race, all participants are invited to walk from the finish line across the sports fields to watch the parade go by.  As the parade follows the race, participants can view the whole parade right after they finish the race!

3)  The Molalla Buckeroo

The Molalla Buckeroo is part of the pro rodeo circuit on the 4th of July.  Each Freedom 5K participant will receive a free rodeo ticket to the 1:30 showing!  Watching a rodeo is a fun experience for the whole family, and the Molalla Buckeroo is one of the best around!

4)  The Small Town Americana Experience

While there are many places that make a good destination for the 4th of July, you will be hard pressed to find better place in Oregon than Molalla to celebrate America.  Locals describe this day as the best day of the year in Molalla, better than Christmas.  And they would like to share the day with you!  So go head and sign up for the Freedom 5K today, and take advantage of all that Molalla has to offer!