Portland Marathon Half Nearly Sold Out, On Record Pace to Fill Entry Limit

From Press Release –

Spaces for the 3rd Annual Portland Marathon Half are selling quickly, so quickly the event may close historically early during the first week of January 2012.

The Portland Marathon wants all interested participants to know they should register now if they would like to enter the 2012 Half Marathon. The Half Marathon is scheduled for October 7, 2012, the same day as the full marathon.

“The pace of registration for this year looks like an even faster sell out than last year,” said Debbie Cook, Portland Marathon Event Registrar. “The current discounted price for the Half ends soon. I just hope everyone acts quickly and does not miss out on the price break or getting into the event.”

Why is the Portland Half Marathon so popular? According to Les Smith, Portland Marathon Event Director, the 2011 Half Marathon was well received. Participants were very pleased with the “swag” given to Half participants, which included a long-sleeve shirt, a medal, a pendant, an event coin, a rose, a tree sapling, a certificate as well as treats and food along the course and at the finish line.

John Schievely, who came in from New York to run the Portland Marathon Half, said:

“This was a fabulous event. I loved coming to Portland. I combined the Half with several days at the Oregon Coast. And the event itself was top notch. The swag was awesome. No one gives out two shirts!! I am bringing some friends back with me this coming year to run the Half and the Full Marathon events.”

According to Chris Hardman, Portland Marathon Course Coordinator, everything on the course was a well-organized and fun for participant.

“The volunteers and aid stations really added a special touch,” he said. “The certified course was lightening fast with only 10 turns on the 13.1 mile course,” he added.

Hardman also noted that the Half Marathon participants get all the great care and treatment of those in the full Marathon. “Most of them have the fun, food and drink in the finish area all to themselves because they have completed their event well before the Marathoners,” said Hardman.

The entertainment on the Half Course also makes it unique compared to other Half Marathons in the country. Dennis Bromka, Course Entertainment Director, reported that there were 37 groups over the Half Marathon Distance.

“Everyone loved our entertainment. From the Big Band, the DJ on top of the Crazy Bus to the Drummers and standard R&R Groups, we had it all,” he said. “We believe we now have 3 times the amount of entertainment of any event,” Bromka added.

After January 31, 2012, the Half becomes a charity-based entry event. Registration is then available through a charity, if those participating gain the entry from an official charity, usually at no cost except to raise a reasonable amount of money through pledges.

To keep the charity integrity, the Half entries are sold on line at twice their regular price, with half going to the Portland Marathon’s charity program.

For more information about the Portland Marathon or to register for events, visit www.portlandmarathon.org.

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