New U23 Cycling Pro Development Team Starts in Washington State

From Press Release –

Firefighters Cycling Association Pro Development Team (FFCA PDT) uses cycling to spread the word about our professional rescuers suffering chronic to terminal illnesses, especially those that can be attributed to exposure during the months after 9/11.  First Responders everywhere are at risk for health issues that don’t go away.  For many it’s a chronic cough or allergies that can be traced to toxins we encountered everyday on the job. Our first foundation is First Responder Health & Fitness, who use holistic medicine and detoxification to aid in getting these rescuers well

In addition to First Responder, we are working closely with Project Rebirth to spread their mission of Rebirth to anyone who has suffered a traumatic loss. “Rebirth” is the feature length documentary that will be released in January at the Sundance Film Festival, where our team will be present to promote the showings.

It wasn’t until a proposed Bike Ride in New York to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 started to come apart, that the idea of a Pro Development team began to take shape.  FormigliUSA was the first to step up and make a commitment to the program with custom frames, followed by Rudy Project with Glasses & Helmets, Vittoria Shoes, Pierre Cycling Line for clothes, Allegro Cyclery in Walla Walla, and many others signing on daily.

Beginning in 2011, Firefighters Cycling-Formigli PDT will field an eight rider team from three nations with no less than five current & past National Champions in the fold.  Two riders come from Trek-Livestrong U23, and five riders on this team have a great chance to race in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Firefighters – Formigli PDT 2011 Team Roster

Justin Williams, 20 California, Rode 2010 for Trek Livestrong and has 7 National Championships to his credit including the 2009 U23 US Criterium Championship while riding for Rock Racing (US National Team)

Iggy Silva, 20 California, like Justin rode 2010 for Trek Livestrong and has 6 National Championships, Iggy is an accomplished Track rider and holds multiple National Championships in that discipline. Like Justin he has a US Criterium Championship to his name. (US National Team)

Peter Williams, 20 Northern Ireland, Peter comes to us from Asfra Flanders in Belgium where he competed his first U23 season. Pete has 5 National Championships (Irish National Team)

Diego Yepez, 21, Mexico, Current Mexican National Champion in 3 track events as well as finishing 13th in Elite Road Race (Mexican National Team) and 2nd in the U23 RR.

Armando Pagaza, 19, Mexico, fifth ranked junior in Mexico, first year U23 and current District Federal (Mexico City) Champion on road and track (Mexican National Team)

Chad Haga, 23, Texas, Finished second overall in the Texas Cup (Elite) for 2010 along with third overall at Collegiate Nationals and a fifth place in the A road race. Graduated Texas A&M University with Mechanical Engineering degree (Dec 2010).

Two members of US Junior National team that won the Nations Cup for the first time ever are riding with us this season.

Nate Geoffrion, 19, California, Raced in Belgium with our Junior Development program most of 2010. Nate will spend time there again this season as well after being selected for the World Championship Road Race in 2010. (US National Team)

Daniel Farinha, 19, California, made great contributions to the success of the program and is a team player; working for teammates while still gaining great finishes including a second place stage finish at Tour L’Abitibi. (US National Team)

David Wenger*, 30 – Texas David lends his wealth of knowledge to the team as he will guest ride with the team in selected races. Dave spent five seasons as a professional and raced with the US U23 program in Belgium, he will work behind the scenes on rider development. Dave is reining Junior National Champion and World ITT Bronze Medalist Lawson Craddock’s coach and an incredible friend to the program. (Mentor)

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