My Muddy Valentine Offers Singles and Couples a Different Perspective for Valentine’s Weekend!

Once again, Terrapin Events is offering a great alternative to routine Valentine weekend activities. Join them on Saturday February 13th at Lee Farms in Tualatin Oregon for the third annual My Muddy Valentine. My Muddy Valentine showcases more than 20 fun and semi-challenging obstacles spread out along a rugged 5k course. The race starts in waves with 50 participants leaving every ten minutes. At the finish, there is music from a DJ, food, beer, cider and mimosas as well as showers, changing rooms, bonfires and much more. The race has been a huge success from the beginning, offering people a really fun and engaging way to spend a day that would otherwise be spent doing very conventional activities. There is even time to wash up, stitch up and sober up before you head out for those dinner plans.

MyMuddyValentine16-2Among the fun obstacles along the course are the “beer chug” and “Sisyphus”. The beer chug station (root beer for those under 21) takes place at about the midway-point of the race and is exactly what it sounds like. Participants must chug a beer or cider before moving on to the next obstacle. The Sysiphus obstacle is aptly named after the mythological Greek god who was condemned to ceaselessly roll a rock up a mountain, only to have it fall back of its own weight. In the Muddy Valentine version, participants roll an exercise ball filled partially with water (to make it unstable) up a sizable muddy hill. At the top, they let go of it and watch as it rolls back down on other approaching participants.


Perhaps the most challenging obstacle on the course isn’t even an obstacle created by the organizers. Just after Sysiphus, and before crossing a creek on a balance beam, there is a natural muddy swamp area. Folks are typically waste deep in mud so thick it requires assistance from other participants to get through. There have been many shoes lost in the swamp, and if you somehow managed to make it this far without getting muddy, your streak has ended. Nobody makes it out clean!

MyMuddyValentine16-1If this sounds like fun to you, Terrapin Events is offering a special registration discount for readers and subscribers of Race Center NW. Individuals and couples / pairs can use the code RCMMV to receive 15 % off their registration. Registration is currently open at Participation is capped again this year (at 2000) and organizers expect to reach the cap for the third straight year.


MyMuddyValentine16-4Terrapin Events is a small, local company that has been organizing fun events in the Northwest for 14 years. Their mission is to organize fun yet professional events that provide an outstanding experience for the entire community. They support local teams, clubs, organizations and charities by enhancing their visibility in the community as well as donating tens of thousands of dollars annually. Their other events include The Dirty Leprechaun (5k mud / obstacle run on March 12th), Bridge to Brews (10k / 8k run with a beer festival at the finish), Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon (downtown Portland half / 10K and 5K), Grateful Dad Half Marathon (Father’s Day weekend event for the whole family), Sunset on the Springwater Half Marathon (summer evening half / 10k / family 5k), Country Girl Half Marathon (all women’s half and 10k), Run Like Hell Half Marathon (Halloween themed half / 10k / 5k)


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