Lend a Hand to Triathlete Remy Maguire

On November 8th, 2017, while traveling in Mexico to support one of her athletes completing their first half-Ironman, our friend and coach Remy Maguire experienced a sudden and intense headache. Thankfully, her athlete, Julie, is a nurse and recognized the signs and symptoms of something more serious. After an ambulance ride to a local hospital and at least one CT scan later, it was determined that Remy had suffered a spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage (“brain bleed”). At this point, Remy’s family and support in Portland were notified and her husband Andrew booked the first available flight to Mexico.

Remy spent 48 painful hours in the ICU in Mexico, undergoing a battery of tests to identify the source of the bleed. The final diagnosis was a Grade 3 Sub-Arachnoid Hemorrhage, and once stable it was imperative to get Remy home to Portland for more specific tests and continued ICU care. Remy (and Andrew) returned to Portland via medical air-evacuation and were transported to the Neurological Critical Care Unit at Portland Providence St. Vincent Medical center.

A YouCaring fund has been setup to help offset some of the expenses Remy and her family have incurred despite good insurance.

Read further about her condition and how you can help.