Earth Day Run Strives For Largest Celebration of Nature in Portland

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The fourth annual Oregon Earth Day Run is set to take place at Cook Park located in Tigard, Oregon on Saturday April 21st at 8:15am.  The run, originally designed to bring together healthy life style living along with sustainability into one focus celebrating Earth Day is now striving to eventually become the largest festival celebrating mother earth in Portland.  Oregon Earth Day Run founder, Tim Ahaus, states “When I originally started this run, I was working for a local environmental non-profit and had a difficult time finding substantial Earth Day activities to be involved with.  So I decided to create this run to hopefully bring more awareness and get people to do an ‘act’ with Earth Day in mind.  For one of the greenest cities in the nation, there are very few events that bring awareness and celebration to nature and the largest one only brings about 2500 attendees to it.  We hope to eventually surpass that in the next few years.”

In its third year last year, the run brought about 800 adult and kid runners with another 20 vendors and several hundred on-lookers and supporters.  Ahaus continues with, “If we can continue to build each year on our success, not only could this be a legitimate race, but the Earth Day Run could emerge as the largest event celebrating Earth Day in the Portland metro area.”

This year’s Earth Day Run has scaled down from a 6.2 mile (10k) run to a 5 mile one, but has added a lot more nature and trails into it.  Brian Davis, Race Director of Energy Events who manages the Oregon Earth Day Run, says “The previous course was spot on for a 10k that provided a fun and easy run.  However, there wasn’t enough nature in it.  One thing about this run we wanted to do was to get the concrete out and put the ‘earth’ back in.  Even though it was impossible to get completely off the road, we added about a mile more of trails in.  For the 5k in the previous years, there was only about a half mile of actual park trails, now it’s about 2 full miles of park and trail running.  We really wanted to bring nature to where it should be for this run.”

This year’s race has about 20 booths and vendors showcasing natural, healthy, or sustainable living.  Chez Gourmet by Marie who has some of the best and most popular local veggie burgers will be grilling them up for hungry runners after the event.  Nike is bringing their ReGrind information along with their Reuse A Shoe recycling program as a highlight.  Hopworks Urban Brewery is making their annual Earth Day Pale Ale made especially for the Earth Day Run and then served at their two Portland locations after the run is over.  Energy Trust of Oregon is having consumer information on energy efficiency and their refrigerator recycling program.  Apex Energy Solutions is offering Energy Saver Kits through the Energy Trust of Oregon free to all participating customers.  And Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center in Tualatin is offering free body fat tests, basic CPR training, and a sugar content display depicting how much sugars are in commonly consumed products.  Taryn Lust, Meridian Park Senior Clinical Researcher, states “The Earth Day Run ties participates together in natural living, exercise, and making healthier choices for their life style.  We want to show people simple ways to avoid hospital stays (due to health reasons) and prevent diseases like Diabetes for as long as possible by just eating healthier and exercising more.  The Earth Day Run allows us to get this message across to a good targeted audience.”

One of the most fun and unique aspects of this year’s Oregon Earth Day Run is having Bob and Trish Evans as participants.  Bob and Trish have a trained skilled in Joggling which is the act of jogging and juggling at the same time.  In fact, they have six Guinness World Records and will be joggling the 5 mile and after the race, participating in the Kids’ 1k Recycle Run while showcasing their talents in juggling.  Bob and Trish are excited to bring their unique skills to the Earth Day Run. “People are half amazed, half confused when they see us…” says Bob Evans.  “We’re excited to visit the Northwest and finish our tour at the Earth Day Run and visit the beautiful Cook Park… our hope is to bring joy to people while promoting fun and fitness.”

The Earth Day Run will start at 8:15am on Saturday April 21st and festivities will end around 11:30am.  Cost for the run is $45 dollars if registering the day of the event or $40 dollars before.  The run offers a five mile, a 5 kilometer (3.1 mile), and a Kids’1 kilometer Recycle Run.  Walkers, well behaved dogs, and baby strollers are allowed and encouraged for the 5k run.  Kid sitting is available up to 12 years of age in the Kid Zone area.

Please visit the Energy Events website at for more information and to register or visit the Foot Traffic location at 824 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, OR to register in person.

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