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Shannah Werner

Shannah Werner and family recently returned to Bend, OR. Shannah opened BoXiT Fitness Studios, a boutique fitness studio focused on boxing for fitness and empowering individuals to live healthier and stronger. She specializes in running gait analysis, boxing instruction and functional training. When not running the studio, Shannah and her husband, Ted, are busy with their kids, Haley and Teddy, embracing the outdoor lifestyle.

Race for the Winter Sun

When the temperatures start to drop, the rain starts to fall and snow begins to dust the mountains and trails in the Pacific Northwest.

Weekend Getaway: Corvallis, OR

It may not boast the title of Tracktown, USA, or have the foodie culture and urban appeal of Portland, but the oft overlooked Corvallis, OR, has plenty to offer both locals and visitors. The city of over 55,000 residents has a wine walk, an annual Turkey Trot, an abundance of wineries and a state university offering cultural and educational experiences, as well as athletic spectatorship.

SportHill – Entrepreneur, Inventor & Athlete

As a kid, Jim Hill was always drawing pictures of hiking boots and spending hours building longboards – long before they were popular. Today, not much has changed. As the founder of SportHill, an Oregon-based clothing company that designs and…

Weekend Getaway: Pacific City

The Oregon coast doesn’t have the allure of white sandy beaches or warm water, but with rocky outcroppings rising out of the ocean and powerful waves crashing onto the shore, a trip to the Oregon coast is enticing in its…

From Walking to Running

“Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” – Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion Looking at Newton’s First Law of Motion, one can…