Keeping Nutrition Resolutions on Track

Diet has a tremendous impact on an athlete’s life. Fueling up on nutrient poor foods can short circuit hours of dedicated training.

Performance Nutrition: Is Stress Ruining Your Diet?

I recently received an email from a colleague who happens to be…

The Endurance Athlete Weight-Gain Paradox

“My scale must be broken!” my sister screamed at me over the…

Sugar: Friend or Foe?

Lately sugar, which is a form of carbohydrate, has got a bad rap. But is sugar really a bad thing? Well, the answer is: it depends.
proper hydration for athletes

Proper Hydration – A Delicate Balance

Endurance athletes need to be mindful of proper hydration to avoid dehydration and other heat-related illnesses.

Smart Nutrition Can Enhance Muscle Strength

“I’d like to gain a little muscle.” “More muscle, hmm…, that would…

Physiology Behind Nutrition

When it comes to eating for exercise there are several things to consider while meal planning. Carbohydrate, fat, and protein all contribute to the fuel

The Truth About Carbs: How Low Should You Go?

Spring is traditionally the time of year for endurance athletes to up their training intensity and do some serious calorie burning workouts.

Get Ready For Winter: High Performance Cold Weather Foods

Power endurance athletes train year round—no season is completely “off.” But if summer was the peak of your race season, the shorter daylight and off-season training can mean calorie requirements are 30% to 50% less than usual.

Smart Eating Beats Fatigue

How can I get more energy? Endurance athletes are by nature high-energy…