Top Northwest Athletes Capture Regional Triathlon Titles

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The 2012 Pacific Crest Sports Weekend Sports Festival was held June 22-24, in Sunriver, OR. Despite the unseasonable weather, athletes came out in droves from across the country to participate in the 16th annual event. Among the events was the Pacific Crest Long Course Triathlon, which served as the 2012 TRI NorthWest Long Course Championship.

Eugene's Mackenzie Madison returned to Pacific Crest this year to defend her long course title bringing her streak to four straight wins at the event. Photo:

Keeping safety a priority, race organizers were forced to shorten the bike route on the Long Course Triathlon due to snow on Mt. Bachelor, and the athletes adapted their race strategies accordingly. Kevin Everett, 37, from Boise, ID, and Mackenzie Madison, 25, from Eugene, OR, were the overall TRI NorthWest Long Course Champions.  Everett clocked a 2:56:02 and Madison finished with 3:36:06.

2012 TRI NorthWest Long Course Champions:
Male Kevin Everett 2:56:02
Female Mackenzie Madison 3:36:02

Age group winners:
M 16-19 Alex Dalton 4:57:08
M 20-24 McKenzie Sampson 3:25:15
M 25-29 Chris Depner 3:20:19
M 30-34 Nick Alden 3:14:16
M 35-39 Kevin Everett 2:56:02
M 40-44 Tom Campbell 3:12:22
M 45-49 Raymond Whitlow 3:23:54
M 50-54 Rob Saxton 3:58:58
M 55-59 Ross Wheeler 4:22:38
M 60-64 Bob Jordan 4:36:54

F 20-24 Molly Macgraw 3:43:05
F 25-29 Mackenzie Madison 3:36:02
F 30-34 Julie Glade 3:42:45
F 35-39 Kelsey Richards 4:07:53
F 40-44 Jonna Skokan 4:01:37
F 45-49 Sheila Donahoe 4:09:12
F 50-54 Carol Beebe 4:34:22
F 55-59 Christina Anderson 5:46:38
F 60-64 Sharon Jensen 6:00:11

It warmed up in Portland for the 2012 TRI NorthWest Olympic Distance Championships at Hagg Lake on July 7. The historic race brought the Northwest’s top triathletes to scenic and storied venue at Henry Hagg Lake in Forest Grove.

Jeff Smith's well-rounded swim, bike, run combination put him on top of the Olympic distance field at Hagg Lake this year by four minutes. Photo:

The overall TRI NorthWest champions this year were Jeff Smith, 30, and Ann Davidson, 48. Smith blazed a 2:04:01 and Davidson was not far behind as the top female with 2:24:11. Both athletes are from Portland, OR.

2012 TRI NorthWest Olympic Distance Champions:
Male Jeff Smith 2:04:01
Female Ann Davidson 2:24:11

Age group winners:
M 12-14 Alex White 3:52:13
M 15-17 Jordan Landstrom 2:16:55
M 18-19 Ciaran Smythe 2:21:55
M 20-24 McKenzie Sampson 2:16:09
M 25-29 Steve Campbell 2:13:32
M 30-34 Jeff Smith 2:04:01
M 35-39 Craig Dean 2:08:01
M 40-44 David Garcia 2:11:55
M 45-49 Steve Mayer 2:18:06
M 50-54 Mark Boguslawski 2:36:38
M 55-59 Curtis Troupe 2:29:47
M 60-64 Randy Boehm 2:48:58

F 20-24 Kambria Schumacher 2:25:28
F 25-29 Jacqueline Knowles 2:53:52
F 30-34 Sara Schmitt 2:47:47
F 35-39 Jill McDonnell 2:48:10
F 40-44 Tami Syverson 2:56:46
F 45-49 Ann Davidson 2:24:22
F 50-54 Judy Rose 2:39:40

For complete results from the Pacific Crest and Hagg Lake events, visit

If you want a shot at the 2012 Sprint Distance Championship, be sure to sign up for the Amica Mid-Summer Sprint Triathlon in Fairview, OR, on July 29.




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