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Angry Owl Ultramarathons 24/12/6 Hour Runs

August 15, 2020

WHAT: 24, 12, or 6 hour endurance runs over a flat one mile loop. Think of an elementary school jog-a-thon for grown ups (snacks included).
WHERE: Bush’s Pasture Park, Salem, Oregon. Our Start/Finish/Race Headquarters will be in a new location this year. We will be on the southeast end of the park by the Phillips Softball Field off of Leffelle St SE and Yew St SE.
This address will get you to the parking lot: 1050 Leffelle St SE, Salem, OR 97302.

AID STATION: We will have a single aid station near the Start/Finish area stocked with water, Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel, Gu Labs energy gels, fruits, salty snacks, sweet snacks, and some other goodies. You are welcome to leave some of your own foods near the finish line for easy access as you’re running. In order to reduce waste, we will not be providing any cups. Bring your own bottle(s) or cup(s). They can be kept at the aid station if you’d like.

RUNNERS SETTING UP CAMP: Our new start/finish location is right next to a small parking lot, so your vehicle will be much more accessible for this year’s race. Runners are welcome to bring their camp chairs and coolers to the event and set them up near the start/finish area as long as they are not impeding the runners or other park-goers. Do be aware that this is public park, and that event organizers and volunteers will not be watching your belongings or be liable for anything that is lost, broken, or stolen.

SPECTATORS: The park is open to the public during our event, and spectators are more than welcome to come out and support. Family and friends may join runners for a lap or two throughout the event, but please do not plan on running all day with your spectator.

PACERS: Please do not plan on using a pacer. A friend or family member may join you for a lap or two when needed, but no formal pacers are permitted.

COURSE: The course is just over a mile round trip. It’s lowest point is at 157 feet elevation and maxes out at 170 feet. The loop has a combination of hard packed dirt, well-maintained non-technical trail, grass, packed gravel, and a bit of asphalt. You will run on the derby track, past the stadium, through a wooded area next to Pringle Creek, around a softball field, and back around the stadium. It will be well marked, and you will surely get the hang of it after a few loops. See course map here, and here is the Strava segment.

WEATHER: Be prepared for hot weather, but this is the northwest so you ought to be prepared for cold rain as well.

LIGHTS: There’s a 100% chance that it’ll get dark at night. We’ll light the aid station area, but runners are responsible for lighting up their run with a headlamp, handheld light, or both.

REGISTRATION: on Ultrasignup

SHIRTS: None will be available.

CAPS: Each runner will receive an Angry Owl cap when they check in.

AWARDS: Simple, functional awards will be given to the top female and male runners in each race. If there is a tie in distance, the runner who completed the distance first will be awarded the higher place. Runners who complete the 6-hour run ending at 6:00 pm Saturday or the 12 hour runners who finish at midnight will have to wait or come back at noon on Sunday to see how they place against the other runners.

WHAT’S WITH THE NAME? Owls at Salem’s Bush’s Pasture Park gained national attention by attacking a few runners and taking a few hats. Don’t worry, nobody was seriously hurt, and the attacks are rare. It became a fun talking point when MSNBC Reporter Rachel Maddow held a competition to design a sign warning park goers of the owl. Now, the signs are posted and locals and internet observers alike have had fun with the image and have even given the owl a name!

Marathon, 50 Mile, 100K, 100 Mile


Salem, Oregon
Salem, OR 97301 United States + Google Map