The Spring Classic Duathlon brings together the best of the best in Duathlon competitors and beginners

National and World Champion level competitors will compete!

Spring Classic DuathlonFrom press release. Portland, OR – Most people have heard of a Triathlon, the multisport where athletes swim, bike and run, but there is another multisport tradition about which most people are unaware – the sport of Duathlon. Duathlons are extremely popular all over the world and consists of a Run/Bike/Run combination. For multisport athletes, Duathlons provide the challenge of going from running to biking and then back to running again – it takes training, strategy and endurance which is a challenge many seek, and which anyone can pursue. Coming up March 29th, the Spring Classic Duathlon occurs in Portland. Visit for details.

“This is a great multisport experience,” noted Bryant Howard, Head Coach with O2 Endurance “as nearly anyone can run and ride a bike and train toward doing a Duathlon. The swim portion of a Triathlon can be an intimidating component for some runners/bikers who are interested in becoming a multisport athlete. We say, go Duathlon! And then consider trying a triathlon.”

Duathlons are very accommodating for beginners and a wide array of amateur athletes and pros. The Spring Classic Duathlon is a perfect event for anyone considering multisport. And, it’s a great event to come out and watch the competition.

According to Howard there are several great reasons to become a Duathlete:

  • Attention Span – duathlon appeals to those who want to expand their interests and train in other disciplines
  • Cross Training – Science supports the many benefits of cross training
  • Injuries – Multisport training is a way to rehab from and to prevent injuries

Howard also notes that, unlike training in only one area, multisport training extends your “cycle of improvement” past the standard 10 year “peak”. This is due to learning the mechanics, efficiencies, tactics, and overall knowledge which makes the mental and physical aspects of Duathlon very attractive to athletes wanting to stay engaged and active in their sports for the long term.


RACE DISTANCE: 5K Run, 15-Mile Bike, 5K Run
RUN #1 / BIKE / RUN #2 – CLICK HERE for more course info.
LOCATION: Intersection of NE 122nd St and Airport Way in Portland, Oregon (former Qwest Training Facility).
RACE START TIME: 10:00 AM – Mass start

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