Max King Youth Trail Running Camp

Experience Trail Running Like Never Before: Trail Running, Stewardship, Wilderness Skills

Bend, OR – More than just a running camp.

There are a number of great running camps nation-wide that help provide kids with the fundamentals of running, including running form, nutrition, and strength training.  What is harder to find is a running camp that focuses specifically on trail running, while also fostering an appreciation for, and skills to navigate in, our wilderness areas.  This is what sets the Max King Trail Running Camp (TRC) apart.

Max-King-TRC-Logo-colorThe goal of the Max King TRC is to create an authentic nature experience that incorporates learning while fostering an appreciation for the natural world, using trail running as the lens.  The Max King Youth TRC is a youth running camp focused on trail running, forest stewardship, trail maintenance, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Media Opportunities

  • First youth camp to focus on outdoor lifestyle and trail running in U.S.
  • Working directly with the Forest Service for education programs and trail maintenance programs
  • Helping to introduce forest and outdoor stewardship to youth demographic

This camp will be held June 27 through July 1, 2016 and will be based out of Suttle Lake, near Sisters Oregon. Space at this camp is very limited. For 2016 we can accommodate up to 20 campers. Additional camp information can be found at


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