2020 Ski to Sea Race Canceled

Bellingham, WA – March 23, 2020. It is with great disappointment that we must announce that the 2020 Ski to Sea race is canceled due to the circumstances associated with the Coronavirus. The Ski to Sea has been an uninterrupted annual celebration of our community’s diverse outdoor recreational opportunities since 1973. Suffice it to say that making the decision to interrupt this tradition of 46 years was difficult and painful. However, cancellation is the only responsible choice given the logistics in preparing for the race, the uncertainty of our ability to safely stage the event on May 24th, and our sensitivity to the financial and potential health impacts to racers. All teams will be entitled to a full refund of paid registration fees, which will be processed via check. Paid Teams should contact us for refund details.

Whatcom Events is a non-profit entity, and the Ski to Sea is made possible largely by our Sponsors and volunteers. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to resume consecutive annual races in 2021. In order to help ensure that this occurs, we would appreciate it if teams consider opting to decline a refund of registration fees, and instead apply them toward registration fees for the 2021 Ski to Sea race. Or even better, forfeit the refund and consider it a 2020 donation to Whatcom Events.

We humbly appreciate the 46 years of support for Whatcom County’s premier event, and hope that racers, sponsors and volunteers will be celebrating our great outdoors in another manner on May 24th.

Anna Rankin
Whatcom Events Executive Director

Ashlee Carstens
Operations Asst. and Volunteer Coordinator

Whatcom Events Board of Directors
Larry Bussinger
Tracy Gorham
Don Kurtis
Terri Lee
Mark Lee
Mike Trowbridge
Good health to you, Anna

Anna Rankin, Race Director, Whatcom Events,
anna@skitosea.com, Office 360-746-8861

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