2015 Vancouver USA Marathon Medal Preview

Vancouver, Washington. 2015 marks the fifth year of the Vancouver USA Marathon (VUM) which has become an annual staple event for the City of Vancouver and the regional running community. The four inch diameter 2015 medals have been released and inspired by the start line from VUM’s inaugural year in 2011.  These hand-crafted medals will be given to each participant for the full and half Marathon on June 21, 2015.  The medals are just one of the reasons Runners World nominated Vancouver USA Marathon as “One of the Top Ten Fun-Featured Filled Marathons” in the United States in their January 2014 edition.


Brian Davis, Race Director and Owner of Energy Events which manages VUM, states that “this medal represents the history of us (the event) and the community, and brings the event full circle for the team and the participants on our fifth year anniversary.  It gives me chills (in a good way) to see the original start line on the medal that was created from the actual photograph.  It’s an incredibly unique medal that depicts the details of the runners, the trees in the background, and the start truss from June 19, 2011. We have put Vancouver, WA on the ‘map’ of great US marathons and now we have over forty-three states and five countries represented at it!”

VUM full and half marathon registrations are over 2,300 participants at this time; 800 registered for the full marathon and 1500 for the half marathon.  Another 500 participants are expected to register by race day on June 21st increasing to over 3,000 participants.  A Freedom 5K and Kids races are on Saturday June 20th during the Father’s Day event weekend. Part of VUM’s niche and appeal is its intimate size, but has the potential to reach 5,000 total participants in the coming years ahead.

Tim Ahaus, Marketing Consultant for Energy Events explains, “We are excited for our fifth year anniversary. Our average-size marathon and local appeal is what sets us apart, but we provide all the bells and whistles of the large-scale event.  Our event weekend is known in the community and well supported nationally.  We are good at the details and ensuring every participant, their families, spectators, and volunteers have a great experience and enjoy themselves. This medal represents that experience and memory for the runners, not just a token of achievement. VUM will continue to grow as runners see it as one of the best values anywhere in the US.”

Please visit www.vancouverUSAmarathon.com for more information and to view a 3-D course video.


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