Stunning Miles or Delicious Ales, Cascade Relays Has You Covered

Pick 12 friends, get a couple vans, and get ready for 216 miles of Oregon’s most challenging running relay. The course starts in the Cascade Mountains at Diamond Lake Resort, travels through the Oregon Outback and rural agricultural country, winds back to the Cascade Lakes Highway around Mt. Bachelor, and into the resort community of Bend. If you are seeking an adventure where you can push your limits, connect with friends, and rediscover your senses, the Cascade Lakes Relay should be on your short list.

Cascade Lakes Relay / August 2-3, 2019

Are you more interested in craft beer? Then consider a Beer Chase. Cascade Relays offers shorter relay options for beer lovers. A Beer Chase is a single day event with one van, six friends, twelve legs, and 12-20 craft breweries hosting exchange points where runners sample amazing craft brews. Cascade Relays offers a Beer Chase in Oregon, Colorado, and California.

Bend Beer Chase / June 1, 2019
Boulder Beer Chase / June 15, 2019
San Diego Beer Chase / February 22, 2020