Run Wild with Friends

Labeled one of the most unique and scenic wilderness relay courses in the United States, the Wild Rogue Relay has runners tracing the wild Rogue River through the Cascade Mountains to the Oregon coast. The relay is a 218-mile overnight team running adventure through Southern Oregon’s most beautiful terrain. The race, which was to occur June 12 and 13, has moved to the weekend of June 18, 2021. The event begins just outside of Jacksonville, Oregon on the shore of Applegate Lake, and it ends at the beautiful Azalea Park in Brookings, Oregon. The typical relay team consists of 12 persons that are split into two vans each carrying six runners. Each runner will run three legs of varying lengths and difficulty over approximately 30 hours, covering an average total distance of 18 miles. Those wanting to make the relay more challenging can opt to create a 9 or 6 person team.

Make plans now to participate and support this event in 2021.

Run / 06.18-19.2021 /