Ravenna Refresher Trail Run

According to Seattle Parks & Recreation, a local realtor named Ravenna Park after “an Italian seacoast town that was famous for its pine trees, where poets, warriors, and statesmen once strolled in a state of euphoria.” The PNW Ravenna Park serves as a nature retreat for city dwellers and also hosts the Ravenna Refresher trail races held on November 16. This forest-filled ravine is nestled just north of the University District. The event offers three race distances including 4K, 8K, and 12K, all of which traverse the same 4.1K loop gaining 230 feet of elevation per lap.

Tackle the event and see if you can channel an Italian poet or warrior. This the second event in their Winter Trail Series.

Run / 11.16.2019 / www.nwtrailruns.com