Pick Your Perfect Running Mate

If you’ve ever done a stage race with a partner, adventure race or relay, you’ve undoubtedly seen a couple screaming at each other over something gone wrong.

Prepare for a Successful Year Through Winter Cross Training

This year instead of just taking winter off, I’d like to give you a few options that will not only give you a break but make you a better athlete. You’ll then be ready to tackle your next big season in about six months.
Kettlebell Strength Training

Strength Training for Endurance

One thing I often hear myself repeating to beginning runners is “running…

The Rise and Fall… and Rise of Obstacle

Over the past five years the sport of obstacle racing has gone…

Every Race is a Puzzle

Every race is a puzzle. You throw all the pieces out on the table and see if you can put them together in the correct spots to make something awesome.

Post Race Blues

I’ve talked to a number of runners that have found running to be a good substitute for a previous drug addiction.

Youth Running: Is It Really Bad for Your Kids to Run?

I’ve been involved with coaching youth runners now for the better part…