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Jeff Browning

Jeff Browning (aka Bronco Billy) is an endurance coach and ultra runner living in Bozeman, Montana. In his 50's, he’s still searching for the legendary fountain of youth through hard work and dedication. Find out more about his running and coaching, and be sure to join his Trail Tribe video tips at and on social media.

Beginners Guide to Night Running — on Trails

Darkness fell as I made the final push to the thin-air summit of Colorado’s 14,100-foot Handies Peak, and I flipped on my headlamp and waist lamp. After traversing the summit peak and ridgeline to the north, I plunged off the…

Recovery and Longevity Strategies for Masters Athletes

In my 20 years of running in wild places, I’ve encountered countless gorgeous, wild rivers but none of those made me younger by dipping my water filter in the cold mountain waters. I have, however, found a few strategies that have helped me continue to excel in ultramarathons and remain competitive with folks half my age.

Top Summer Vacation Ultras

After 19 years of racing, my wife knows that road-tripping to an ultra is just another “vacation that’s not really a vacation.” However, there are a few races that happen to fall in the summer months with venues that can be fun for the whole family.

Running Safely With Old Man Winter

The temperature is below freezing and it’s still dark outside. The alarm goes off and you hit snooze, pulling those warm covers ever higher. Still, your training plan calls for a run.

Head Games

I was 50 miles into last year’s painfully flat Antelope Island 100 Miler in Utah. While I was trying to stay on Speedgoat Karl Meltzer’s sub-15 hour course record splits, my early season fitness was a little less than desirable.

Embracing the Fat: The Road to Fat Adaptation

Fat. That tiny word has caused quite a stir as of late in the world of endurance sports. And with good reason. An increasing number of athletes are turning toward the previously shunned food group and experiencing big results. After…

Mixing It Up: Cross Training for Trail Running

The days are short and it’s cold outside. Most trail runners are tempted to take a break and not run much in the winter months. The temptation is to curl up next to a warm fire and grab a good book, rather than get out the door to work out.

Hill Training: Speedwork in Disguise

In 2008, I returned to Bighorn 100 for the third time. I had managed to grab my first win in a 100-miler in 2005, and was somehow lucky enough to repeat the performance in 2006 while knocking down the course…