Chris Bagg

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Chris Bagg has been an actor, cook, teacher, writer, professional triathlete, and coach. He's at his happiest surfing, riding a bike, backpacking, or playing board games. As a coach, his fondest wish is for athletes to achieve their dreams and to find value in those achievements.

The Emergence of SwimRun

In the past decade, something changed in the endurance recreation landscape. As long-distance triathlon finished its journey from the outskirts of sanity to the firm mainstream, those participants who longed for the hardest, longest, strangest challenges began to search outside the swim-bike-run barriers for whatever was next.

A Power Meter for Your Swim Sessions

I’ve become a curmudgeon of a swim coach late in my triathlon career, so bear with me as I air a grievance. For example, I give my swimmers something simple but hard, the classic 20x100 on 1:30, aiming to hold 1:25 per repeat.