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Run the “Mother of All Marathons” in 2015

December 12, 2014

Run the “Mother of All Marathons” in 2015. The Eugene Marathon moves to Mother’s Day weekend in 2015 for fast times and an action-packed two days as Historic Hayward Field hosts thousands of participants, fans and volunteers from around the globe. All your favorite running events are on the starting block including the Kids Duck Dash, 5k, Half Marathon and the ninth annual Eugene Marathon. No matter where you live or how fast your pace, …more »

Cascade Relays announces 2nd annual Bend Beer Chase

December 11, 2014

From press release. Bend, December 11th, 2014: Cascade Relays announces the 2nd annual Bend Beer Chase will be held on Saturday, June 6th, 2015. The Bend Beer Chase is one-day, six person running relay that showcases the best of the Central Oregon craft brewery scene. The organizers expect more than 900 runners in the second year, with 75% of the runners coming from outside of Central Oregon to enjoy a weekend of running and beer …more »

USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Runners of the Year Announced

December 2, 2014

Athletes with outstanding road, trail, and mountain performances will be recognized at an awards breakfast in Anaheim, CA, on Thursday, December 4, during USATF’s annual meeting as USATF’s Mountain Ultra Trail Council Runners of the Year and Contributor of the Year 2014. Among the award winners are first-time honorees, as well as repeat winners and even a husband and wife team. Colorado, California, Oregon, Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, and Arizona are represented among the …more »

Tribute to the Trails Calendar Launch

November 21, 2014

In its tenth year, the “Tribute to the Trails” Calendar Project was established as a fundraiser for the Washington Trails Association (WTA). WTA is a non-profit organization which creates, preserves, enhances and advocates for the trails we love to play on. With your support, ALL proceeds will be donated to WTA. Our drawing of free race entries continues to grow with 35 entries this year! For each calendar you purchase, there is an entry form …more »

Getting the Most Out of Your Training: Creativity and Flexibility

November 6, 2014

We all have our excuses as to why we can’t get out the door — especially this time of year. It’s dark and cold. I’ve got to get the kids to soccer. I have too much work. Who’s going to get dinner ready if I go out for a run? Whether it’s family, work, or sometimes just a lack of motivation, there’s always going to be something tugging us back to the couch. So, what’s …more »

Sugar: Friend or Foe?

October 30, 2014

Added sugar is everywhere in the foods we consume. Just look at the back of any package of food and chances are you will find sugar as an added ingredient. Lately sugar, which is a form of carbohydrate, has got a bad rap. But is sugar really a bad thing? Well, the answer is: it depends. Sugar in its composition is a simple form of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are an important nutrient, especially for endurance athletes. …more »

Laying the Foundation for the Best Season Yet

October 22, 2014

Fall is here. With the exception of the cyclocross season, most cycling, running, and triathlon races are in the 2014 record books. For the majority of us, it is time to put our training schedule away and just swim, bike, and/or run to our hearts content. This is the time to take a month or so to just chill out and enjoy exercise. Your mind and body will get the time they need to regenerate …more »