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2nd Annual Cascade Triple Challenge Back This June

April 21, 2015

Looking to put in some early summer miles, check out Bowen Sports Performance’s Cascade Triple Challenge this June. The second annual weekend runs Friday June 19th thru Sunday the 21st and includes a 102 mile ride from Sisters to Westfir, 58 miles Cottage Grove to Westfir Lodge, and a final day of 75 miles from Crescent Cutoff Road to Bend. The rides are full supported and cost includes meals, lodging, and transportation. This Oregon cycling tour includes …more »

Maximize Your Training

April 2, 2015

Sometimes life gets in the way of training and there are only so many hours in a day. Given all that you have on your plate, how do you maximize your time while training for a race? From tempos to fartleks to long distance runs, and even weight or cross training, what takes priority and how should you divide up your limited training time? Your end goal is the greatest factor in determining how to …more »

RaceCenter Northwest Magazine – April/May 2015 Issue Now Available

March 27, 2015

The current (April/May 2015) issue of RaceCenter Northwest Magazine is now available.  This issue includes the following features and departments along with our popular event calendar. Visit your local specialty running store, triathlon shop or bike shop to pick up a copy, or find RaceCenter at select Jamba Juice locations throughout Oregon and Washington. RaceCenter Northwest Magazine is also available DIGITALLY. Click here to check out the current issue online. FEATURE ARTICLES 9 WAYS TO …more »

From Walking to Running

March 24, 2015

“Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” – Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion Looking at Newton’s First Law of Motion, one can conclude that a couch potato will remain a couch potato unless he or she is motivated to change. Likewise, it is safe to assume that a person who only walks will never truly experience the …more »

Three Washington State Marathons Announce New Series, Offer Prize Purse

March 20, 2015

From Press Release – The Whidbey Island Marathon (“WIM”), North Olympic Discovery Marathon (“NODM”), and Bellingham Bay Marathon (“BBM”) have partnered to form the Salish Sea Road Race Series. Individuals who register for any of these three events are now automatically eligible for discounts on the other two, and there are two official series options for 2015: 1.    Ladder series: WIM’s 5K (April 19), NODM’s 10K (June 7), and BBM’s half marathon (September 27) 2.   …more »

Can Healthy Fats Improve Performance?

March 18, 2015

Endurance athletes are always looking for ways to maximize their energy. Traditionally, the emphasis for fueling exercise has been on carbohydrates, and for good reason. Who hasn’t been in a race and felt the beast of a bonk about to take over when, with shaking hands, you ripped open a package of energy gel, squeezed, and, oh my gosh, power surge. You’re off! Unlike carbohydrate, fat does not raise blood sugar, and for the most …more »

Weight Training for Endurance Sports

March 11, 2015

As an endurance athlete, it is likely strength training (ST) is not a part of your workout routine. Traditionally, ST has been left out of endurance training programs at both the elite and recreational level. Common wisdom suggests that if you want to be a great runner, you should run a lot; if you want to be a great cyclist, you should ride a lot. In recent years, however, adding ST to endurance training routines …more »