November 2017 News

Lend a Hand to Triathlete Remy Maguire

November 29, 2017

On November 8th, 2017, while traveling in Mexico to support one of her athletes completing their first half-Ironman, our friend and coach Remy Maguire experienced a sudden and intense headache. Thankfully, her athlete, Julie, is a nurse and recognized the signs and symptoms of something more serious. After an ambulance ride to a local hospital and at least one CT scan later, it was determined that Remy had suffered a spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage (“brain bleed”). …more »

Eugene Marathon Allows Runners to Finish Where It Started

November 16, 2017

Befitting its home in “TrackTown USA”, few marathons can compete with the historical running-crazed legacy offered by the Eugene Marathon. “The running history here is truly unique,” said Richard Maher, race director for the Eugene Marathon. “We love helping participants experience a piece of that for themselves.” Some of that running heritage? The sport of jogging arrived in America through community runs first hosted here. Nike, Inc. got its start here. And a stunning roster …more »