July 2017 News

Fuel: Lessons From A Year Not Running. Part II: The Psyche

July 11, 2017

In my last article I chronicled what I learned about my body after a year off from running. This issue, I’m diving into the inner-workings of my psyche and how I managed my mind without running. The Grey The internal battle. The voices in my head. The rollercoaster of emotions. Even in my most stable of days I still experienced the grey. It’s not like I had all that much to be upset about. Sure …more »

Recharge Sport: Athletic Recovery and Performance Training for Life

July 5, 2017

Walk into Recharge Sport and you’ll probably find owners, Renee and Austin, either chatting with customers or taking care of routine maintenance around the gym.  As athletes, Renee and Austin have combined their experience, education and training to build a business model around their vision of an ideal recovery facility in Bend, Oregon. Most runners tend to focus on their training mileage, speed work and long runs. While paying attention to stretching, nutrition and sleep …more »